Dev Dental Care are the Top Most Trusted Provider of Cosmetic, Rest and Family Dentistry. The immaculate mixture of expertise and technology allows us to help every patient come over dental problems and embrace a happy smile.

Our equipments have been imported from Italy where they have been manufactured up to precision. Our staff has been trained thoroughly to use the equipments and have developed the necessary competences. Most of them are veteran in their field of expertise. We have four dental units at our disposal and a sophisticated Radiography unit that can give results up to 100% accuracy. All units are digital and have been calibrated properly.

Dr. Viral Sheta completed her BDS from Canada, his contribution to Dev Dental Care is commendable, and it would have been impossible to rank Dev Dental Care at the top without her unique contribution. He expertise and experience of ten years he can fix any smile for better. His specialization in Orthodontist and Cosmetic Dentistry makes his stand out of the crowd.

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Dev Dental Care is well equipped with latest technology and facilities. It offers international quality dental clinic with an aim to maintain thoroughly sterilized infection free working atmosphere.

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